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Manipulation of power

In response to the letter (November 30, 2011, by Ally Fricker, chairperson; Stop Industrial Wind Turbines).

When a government finds it necessary to silence councils/residents from voicing their concerns in regards to (the current concern) wind farm establishment, it is a clear indication that “something in the pantry is extremely smelly”.

The Development Plan Assessment of the Labor Government is a case of; remove the rights of people to object or voice their concerns, clearly means that; if there ever was in South Australia a person/official/department of any description who was willing/able/specifically designed to protect the general public then the powers of any such entity have been brutally and deliberately crushed and silenced, this situation clearly is in direct contradiction of our system of Government.

Have we entered a stage of dictatorship? Or is there hidden in here somewhere a highly putrid ‘conflict of interest’?

And has the public, or more to the point the rural public, anyone they can turn to for protection in such cases? Definitely not!

This is manipulation of power on a grand scale obviously by someone who has interests in, or attachments to someone who is, benefiting enormously from such projects and I would suggest that the beneficiaries are most certainly not SA, the rural public or the Environment.