December 6, 2011
Illinois, Letters

Make Goldwind responsible for tires and debris 6 December 2011

In response to my name in the sheriff’s report on Nov. 18, Goldwind and Mortenson put a large Dumpster in my field next to a road. Within a few days, about 30 used tires showed up close to that Dumpster.

At first I thought the construction company was using them to cross roads with heavy equipment. But after about 2 weeks, I got tired of seeing them on my land, so I returned them to their Dumpster.

I didn’t have a dumped tire problem until this wind farm construction came. Now, the big, rich construction company is taking me to court over their tire problem. In talking to my neighbors, there have been other tires and no construction stuff in their Dumpsters.

I and other farmers and landowners try to get help in fighting this wind farm company, but we get no help. We’ve lived here for more than 60 years, but a big, rich, communist Chinese company comes in and, in 3 months, runs over the rights of we, the people.

I’d like to thank the Telegraph and its reporters for showing the corruption on the Lee County Board. It’s time to clean house with the chairman and other board members, and get honest people on the board.

Wesley Englehart, Compton

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