December 6, 2011
Letters, Ontario

City, town or farmland

Shoreline Beacon, 6 December 2011

As I read this past weeks excellent response to CAW’S wind turbine installation, one comment stood out glaringly. The comment by a town’s person that stated in the letter titled “Turbines belong in fields not towns.”

“Turbines belong in open areas, away from people, towns and businesses-not in their midst” she stated. At first I had to agree with this statement since I also agree that wind Turbines should not be located near people, period.


Then as I read this letter I understood the writer was basically stating that she doesn’t want the Turbine in her back yard but it is okay in mine since I own an acreage in the rurals just outside of Port Elgin. Huh?

What town and city people need to grasp is what they feel now is how we, in the rurals, have felt since the first notice of intent was made public. We feel outrage, hurt, alienated, ignored, just like the residents of Port Elgin are feeling now.

We do not need to feel it is “okay” in someone else’s back yard because it is not. It would be easy to sit here and feel justified that now the residents of Port Elgin get a Turbine shoved down their throats but I don’t. I feel their pain, their frustration and understand their sleepless nights and how this injustice eats at their thoughts through out the day. Anyone that has this threat looming next door feels the same.

ALL of us can understand that what is unacceptable to one is unacceptable to all. For years the rurals have been fighting this with very little support from the town’s folk. Maybe now, right now, we can support each other.

I moved 4000km to enjoy the peace, the quiet, the view, the sunrises and sunsets, the neighbors that this area offers. Having a Wind Turbine (or 6 of them) in my back yard is just as painful as Anne is feeling with one being threatened in her back yard.

Wayne Smith

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