December 4, 2011
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FOI request returns a diabolical fact

Denise Davis, 3 December 2011

I am not sure this is a ‘whistle-blowing’ story, but it is a matter that requires revealing to the wider Scottish public in light of Thursday’s debate at Holyrood on onshore wind farm development. Please see link below if you wish to read the transcript yourself:

Scroll down to 4292 –

Like thousands of people across Scotland (and the UK), I am fighting to stop a major wind farm from being developed in front of my home. Various newspapers did brief articles about the proposal when it was turn down unanimously by Highland Council. But because the proposal is a ‘Section 36’, it will ultimately be determined by the Scottish Government. As you will see from the transcript, people and government representatives have little faith in the government listening to local opinion or local council. I made the decison to investigate just how much the government is actually ‘listening’ and ‘only approving applications for wind farms that have been appropriately sited’ – as they claim. The FOI request returned a diabolical fact. Only five Section 36 applications have ever been refused.

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act. You requested details of all s36 onshore wind farms which have been rejected by Scottish Ministers. I can confirm that since May 2007 Ministers have rejected 5 wind farm applications. These are:

1. Greenock

2. Clashindarroch

3. Calliacher

4. Lewis

5. Kyle


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I hope you will take the time to investigate this matter while the debate is still in the minds of politicians and those they are meant to represent.

Denise Davis

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