December 1, 2011

North Hill neighbors upset by wind turbine plans take their opposition to selectmen

By Kathryn Gallerani, Wicked Local Duxbury, 25 November 2011

DUXBURY – Selectmen continue to hear from Hounds Ditch Lane residents opposed to a wind turbine at the North Hill Marsh Reservation and will again meet with members of the group of concerned Duxbury residents organized as Duxbury Wind Wise.

This time, next Monday (Nov. 28) night, the focus will be on setback requirements in effect since Oct. 27, 2009.

Residents of the North Hill neighborhood who have organized as Duxbury Wind Wise want the project stopped dead in its tracks before it goes to a vote at Town Meeting next spring. It’s a sentiment felt by Selectman Ted Flynn, who has taken the position that it’s not a good fit for the neighborhood. Selectman Chris Donato also questions the location.

Selectmen Chairman Shawn Dahlen said he will reserve judgment until the town’s Alternative Energy Committee makes a presentation to selectmen. He said he has heard one perspective with no proposal on the table yet.

“We don’t have all the facts,” he said.

Monday night, during public comment, Hounds Ditch Lane resident Greg Nolan took exception to the characterization at the Nov. 14 selectmen’s meeting that the wind turbine project is still in the early stages.

“It sounds like this is further down the track than it sounded at this meeting,” he said.

Due to the Open Meeting Law, selectmen did not respond to him directly, but they agreed later in the meeting to add a second meeting with the organized group to next week’s agenda.

All three selectmen read letters from Hounds Ditch Lane residents in which residents voiced their concerns about the wind turbine site.

In her letter to Dahlen, Hounds Ditch Lane resident Caroline Mullins said the health impacts alone are reason enough to reject any plans for a wind turbine at North Hill. She also took issue with the characterization that the project is still in the early days when there is talk of a Town Meeting vote this spring.

“I simply do not understand why anybody would want to go forward with this project knowing all the issues and seeing the distress it is already causing,” she said. “As my 16-year-old, who was with me at the (Nov. 14) meeting asked me, why would anybody put something out to vote that would clearly have a negative impact on anybody in the community? Why?”

The concerns of the residents opposed to the North Hill site are detailed on the website

The founders of Duxbury Wind Wise, who have retained an attorney to fight for their interests, stated their position on the site as follows: [article ends]

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