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Frankfort voters: Do your homework

Shortly the town of Frankfort will be asked to vote on an ordinance to regulate an industrial wind generation facility to be built on top of Mount Waldo. I ask that everyone planning to vote please do their homework beforehand.

The belief that wind generators are going to save this country, or reduce its dependence on fossil fuel supplies, is utter nonsense. The multitude of past wind farm failures in both this country and around the world bears this out.

So if you’re going to vote “no” to a Frankfort ordinance in the mistaken belief that you are doing something that will be good for the environment please investigate what really happens when a wind generator comes online and feeds back to an existing grid.

Some will be tempted to vote no in the belief that the electricity a wind farm produces is “cheaper.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Again past history proves that wind-generated electricity is exceedingly more expensive than many other forms of electrical power generation.

As much as everyone would like to reduce the amount of regulations on its citizens, it is exactly this lack of regulation that attracts companies which have met opposition from so many other towns. If these companies are so objectionable to others what makes them a good fit for Frankfort

At one time I believed that wind power would provide at least some relief from our dependence on fossil fuels. A little research into the subject altered my perspective years ago.

Don’t succumb to the promises of cheaper energy or the false belief that this technology will save the planet. The number of jobs that may be created are few, and the cost to the town of Frankfort and its citizens will be high.

It’s time for the people of Frankfort to get behind an ordinance that will deter the exploitation of its citizens and its resources. Vote “yes” to protect your town and citizens.

Somehow the focus became an issue of ordinances, when in fact this all began with an application for erecting a wind-generation facility, a proposal which may well have been soundly defeated on its own merit. This is a classic case of clouding the issue. Don’t be fooled!

Milton Florest