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The big guys don’t follow same rules

I would like to make a few comments regarding Bob Burkett’s letter to the editor published in the Nov. 10 edition of the Olean Times Herald (“Landowners Have Right to Make Their Own Decisions”).

Mr. Burkett, we may live in America, but if you think we have a right to do what we want with our own property just read the zoning laws for the town of Allegany. I can tell you, from very negative first-hand experience, that you do not.

The little guy has to abide by myriad regulations, but it seems the big guys can get an exemption. Allegany also regulates what you do on your property, as it affects your neighbors, by such means as the noise ordinance. I cannot have a loud party at night because it might disturb the neighbors, but the wind farm can create objectionable noise (as well as flicker) that could disturb its neighbors 24/7.

But the town has looked the other way regarding these issues, too.

I suspect that if the Nortons or Kinleys or Potters wanted to erect their own windmills on their property there would not be such public outrage. But a huge, multinational corporation, getting potentially millions of dollars in subsidies, obtained from an already bankrupt federal government, is involved.

EverPower will also receive a large amount of taxpayer support through the local payment in lieu of taxes and other tax breaks.

When I am forced to subsidize, with my hard-earned money that I pay in taxes, a project that I personally believe is of no net environmental benefit, has the possibility of harming the physical well-being of me and my neighbors and will probably decrease my property value, you better believe, I object.

Patricia Miller