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Tell the truth about wind farms

“Hands up for a cleaner, greener future” (Cairns Post, Wednesday, November 23) was as misleading as the promises offered to the local residents by the Mt Emerald Wind Farm developers. Having been told personally after asking many times, what benefit was this to the locals; I was informed that this development will offer more secure power during a cyclone.

Obviously the developers have not experienced a cyclone. 1. Wind turbines must be shut down during a cyclone. 2. They need the main grid electricity to turn them back on. 3. The main grid is often down following a cyclone. 4. Power lines which deliver this power to homes are in most cases down for some time. In my case after a cyclone I usually have no power for a week or more, and wind turbines are not going to change that!

Adding insult to injury, we will definitely be having a price hike, NOT a “saving”. The wind farm will be operated remotely, not by professionals on site. The environment and visual amenity will be destroyed and we haven’t yet started on the myriad of issues raising concern across the world and our southern states.

Start letting the truth be told.

Jenny Disley