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Pinnacle continues to misrepresent turbines’ actual power production

If you repeat a half truth often enough, people will often accept it as the whole truth. That seems to be the strategy of the promoters of the Pinnacle wind turbine project This is what Pinnacle is saying and the paper keeps reporting. “When completed, the Pinnacle Wind Farm will generate approximately 55 megawatts of electricity , enough power for over 14,000 households, according to Edison. (” Turbines turn at Pinnacle,” recent first-page article in the News Tribune.)
This a false statement and every time it is repeated I feel like our community is being scammed. While their turbines may have 55 megawatts of capacity, the PJM grid rates turbines in our region at only 13% efficiency based on summertime wind studies.
This means that the Pinnacle generators will function at their capacity only a small fraction of the time. That being the case, there is no way for them to come close to this claimed output. I think we in Mineral County are smart enough to understand that. Who does Pinnacle think they are kidding??
Hopefully our elected leadership, both County and State, are aware of this repeated MISREPRESENTATION
I am wondering if the stated benefits to our county are inflated in a likewise manner.
Dallas O. Adams Sr.