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Duxbury: ‘Wind Wise’ puts a halt on possible wind turbine

The Duxbury Alternative Energy Committee, known as AEC, has been studying the possibility of putting a 250-foot wind turbine near the North Hill Golf Course. Afraid the project might take off, a group of concerned residents opposed to the turbine formed Duxbury Wind Wise a few weeks back.

Monday night, the opposing group gave a presentation to the Duxbury Board of Selectmen. They emphasized that they do not want the AEC to pursue their recent decision to submit an article requesting funding for additional wind studies at the annual town meeting in March.

Duxbury resident, Wayne Clough explained that the project is tearing the community apart, “I can tell you, within a period of four months I have a number of neighbors that don’t talk to each other just over this issue. They’ve gone to parties together for twenty years, don’t get invited anymore. It’s a very, very contentious situation.”

After nearly ninety minutes of debate, the group persuaded selectmen to slow down the project. The board voted to advise the AEC to withdraw any consideration of a warrant article for the 2012 town meeting.

Chair of the Duxbury energy committee, Jim Goldenberg, believed it was unfair for selectmen to make a decision before hearing all sides of the issue, “We’re not going to have the ability to ask the town for funding to study this. We don’t think it’s a good idea but that’s not what the selectmen voted for tonight and it’s disappointing. We really don’t think that the group that’s here tonight necessarily represents the community, it might, but we certainly don’t know because it’s really just one group, a small group.”

Though Duxbury selectmen put a temporary halt on possible funding, a wind turbine could still become a reality in the future. Goldenberg said the AEC is going to continue studying wind turbines and Duxbury Wind Wise said they are going to continue meeting and organizing against a wind turbine.