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Health claims put turbines in new light

The construction of two 463-foot wind turbines began in Fairhaven in a quiet manner on Nov. 11, Veterans Day,a national holiday that is dedicated to honoring our veterans who fought for our country.

This land clearing was done in an expedient manner without public knowledge or police patrol protecting the public. The Fairhaven school vote took place on Nov. 2. It was a close vote, but the new, consolidated school vote passed and the concept of restoring the two neighborhood schools failed.

The new consolidated school will be built at the current Wood School site and would combine the students from Rogers and Wood schools. The turbines will be built in close proximity to the new school. If there were full public disclosure of the turbine construction, which began two weeks after the vote, and new public health concerns of turbines, would the voting results be the same?

Steve Bender

Retired Fairhaven High School teacher and coach