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Winds of change

On first consideration, wind turbine energy would appear to a wondrous and green solution to power generation.

Certainly wind turbines have become a common sight in the landscape, even from Kangaroo Island as we look to the Fleurieu Peninsula on a fine day.

It is a rare thing for all the councillors to be united and with environmental groups to jointly oppose development possibilities.

As has been pointed out, the State Government’s development plan on wind farms cannot be overridden by local government but it is wise for the island to voice its opposition to proposals which might expedite wind farms in sensitive locations.

It is a wise thing also for the council and other groups to be vigilant.

Wind turbines remain contentious in many places around the world. They have not been around long enough to provide full information on their lifecycle, how they can be dismantled, the fire dangers they may present as well as the obvious dangers to birds and flying nocturnal animals, such as bats.

There is even some evidence about the noise they create and the impact this has on people and animals.

Whether investors would seriously consider Kangaroo Island viable as some sort of giant island wind farm to power the state in the future is difficult to know but such developments should not progress lightly.

That the State Government has launched its interim plan so quickly and with little opportunity for public comment is enough cause for concern to have united disparate groups and individuals in voicing their opposition.