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Neighbors should protect each other

I am writing this letter in support of the proposed Frankfort wind ordinance that will be voted on Thursday, Dec. 1. The Wind Ordinance Committee, elected by Frankfort residents last spring, has done a thorough job listening to various points of view and crafting a thoughtful piece of legislation. Committee members should be commended for their many hours of volunteer time.

The vast majority of Frankfort residents who reside in the immediate vicinity of a proposed industrial wind farm, which would be sited atop Mount Waldo, favor the proposed wind ordinance. Residents are worried about the potential noise impacts of a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year industrial wind farm in a rural residential area. In addition, residents worry that their property values will suffer as a result of the erection of 420-foot-plus wind turbines atop Mount Waldo.

I have spoken to the wind farm developer regarding my concerns about potential noise disturbance and lowered property values. He produced various “models” to suggest that noise would not be an issue. I do not think these models took in the unique topography of Mount Waldo and neighboring Mosquito Mountain, which creates a valley immediately below the wind turbines.

My property line puts me as one of the closest abutters to this project. I bought property in this rural residential area, 12 years ago, in order to avoid excessive background noise 24 hours a day. I assure you that this is a very quiet and peaceful area and that the noise generated by these turbines will be very noticeable.

Personally, I used to be all for wind power until a couple of years ago when I started reading newspaper articles depicting homeowner complaints about noise from wind turbines at Vinalhaven and Mars Hill. These articles prompted me to do further research that has led me to the conclusion that wind turbines do not belong near residential property.

Wind energy would not exist without massive financial support from taxpayers and electric ratepayers. Wind is not likely to be an economically viable source of energy that can financially support itself. When energy companies say wind farms will provide energy for thousands of homes, they fail to state that the energy will not remain in your town, or even the state of Maine. The energy produced will most likely power homes in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

The economic development activity surrounding the Mount Waldo project will be very limited and short-lived. There will be fleeting contracting work and lease payments to nonresident Mount Waldo property owners.

Those Frankfort residents not living near the Mount Waldo project should support those residents who will be impacted by this project and vote for the wind ordinance. There may come a time when you will need the support of residents who are not your immediate neighbors. Someday, you might be confronted with an industrial-sized wind farm in your neighborhood.

Leon Seymour