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Cape Vincent has a lesson for Henderson

It was a very good letter written by Art Pundt of Cape Vincent titled “The casualties of wind development.” For many years and at anytime I’ve read an article either about their politics or on the issues of wind power, I can only think how similar our two communities are. I also can’t help believing their concerns and wishes to save themselves from greedy power-bearing individuals thinking of either themselves or just a few.

There are more advantages to what already exists for the whole community and without trying to make something we all breathe daily into being just another means to produce electricity. The disadvantages far outweigh any type of good intended in order to advance one’s self-interest over others.

One individual here in Henderson made the statement how beautiful wind towers are and with their blades moving. I see this differently and in looking into the future if this happens, see only ugly towers of steel and concrete rusting away like present auto junkyards that most communities have passed an ordinance to have very high fences to hide them. Can you see in your mind how high a fence would have to be constructed in order to hide these wind towers?

Besides, wind energy is not cost-effective. It’s a money pit for all taxpayers and just another Ponzi scheme to get rich quick. We here in Henderson need to learn what Cape Vincent has already gone through and to benefit from it. We do not need to go down the same path completely just to have me or someone else say “I told you so.” What this has already done for Cape Vincent is in changing the make-up of its local government.

Henderson tried to do this in its latest general elections to make a change and failed, but you can bet and take to the bank that those still in Henderson’s local government still have in their minds to either complete their agendas or business as usual. Only time will tell if I’m right or wrong.

Thomas Seifert