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Fairhaven turbines will turn into health disaster

It has come to my attention that the town of Fairhaven has decided to proceed with the construction of two wind turbines as a municipal project across the street from my beautiful home.

As a proud father of two wonderful little girls, I write you this letter with a heavy heart. After several calls to my selectmen, Michael Silvia and Dr. Brian Bowcock, I feel that no one is listening to me. I really need your help. As I’m sure you’re aware, the placements of commercial wind turbines in Falmouth have been blamed for severe health issues to the local neighbors and they have currently shut down “Wind 1.”

The infrasound and shadow flicker have caused many to get sick. As a husband and wife who unfortunately had a 2-month-old premature daughter and spent six weeks in the “NICU” with our little one who wasn’t even breathing when she was born, I have had my fill of health issues.

What concerns me is this: I currently reside on Weeden Road, which is approximately 1,600 feet away, with a clear view of both wind turbines with no trees blocking the sound or sunset flicker. This is not a “not in my back yard” situation: They are “just too close.”

Pending legislation in light of the recent health concerns in Falmouth (Bill H.1757), sponsored by Demetrius Atsalis, D-Barnstable, would prohibit the location of wind turbines within 3,000 feet of a residence or residentially zoned property. This is clearly being proposed for a reason.

My wife, Maria, and I are very concerned for the being of our children, who have already suffered enough. I can only imagine the amount of calls you will receive from the concerned parents of the new proposed Wood Elementary School once these both go up and people finally realize what has happened and how it will effect their children.

I am frustrated with Selectmen Bowcock and Sylvia. Both reference the units located in Hull, and that the residents there love them, which may be true. However what they failed to mention to me when I called is that the ones installed in Hull are only 50 meters tall to the hub where the rotors attach and the units Fairhaven purchased are 100 meters tall. Twice as tall and a full 60 feet larger than the ones shut down in Falmouth.

I also read that they were made in China, who historically have the worst as far as noise associated with the operation. These units will tower a full 460 feet above the ground. How is everyone turning a blind eye to this?

I was told by Mr. Bowcock that many studies have been done, and indeed they have, so I have spent much time reading them. Nowhere does it mention the fact that two will be side by side, nowhere does it mention or estimate effects on units as large as the ones purchased. This certainly will increase the sound and the risks involved.

The studies were done on a Vestas V82, which is only 80 meters off the ground; the ones purchased will be 100 meters to the top of the hub with blades of 150 feet or so extending from that.

Something must be done to stop this awful event from occurring. Falmouth said “No,” Dartmouth said “No,” Mattapoisett said “No” and Fairhaven says “Yes”?