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Somerset County residents ask LePage for help in wind farm fight

Augusta – Some residents of Somerset County are asking governor LePage to help them in their fight to keep industrial wind projects out of their towns.

Residents of Highland Plantation, Lexington Township, and Concord Township gathered at the State House Thursday to speak out against proposed industrial wind power in their towns.

In 2008, lawmakers passed legislation that rezoned these rural communities for industrial development, paving the way for industrial wind farms.

The group delivered a letter to Governor LePage’s office. They’re asking the governor to use his authority to remove these communities from Maine’s expedited permitting area. They say with two proposed wind farms in Somerset County time is of the essence. “These two projects could come back in to play and have applications submitted at any time,” says Lexington Plantation resident Alan Michka. “Any day now. If one is submitted, then we are severely handicapped as far as finding any relief for ourselves.”