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Shelve turbine

A recent study on wind turbines worldwide, reported on the Discovery Channel, mentioned that the life of a major wind turbine was only 10 years.

The cost of repairs after that time period would outweigh any significant value to installing a 120-metre turbine at the Saskatoon landfill. To place this turbine in an area where seagulls are plentiful and dust and garbage are windblown would cause serious damage to its rotary parts.

Kevin Hudson, alternative energy engineer for Saskatoon Light and Power, indicates that this wind turbine will eventually provide power at a profit to the city. He also wants us to believe that a water turbine at the weir would also be beneficial in providing cheap electricity for Saskatoon.

That was a mistake in judgment. I believe the wind turbine also should be subject to thoughtful criticism by city council.

Let SaskPower build wind turbines on top of Mount Blackstrap, where they should be.

Jamie Ryan Saskatoon