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Powell trip

The attention Mary Powell deserves is a trip to the woodshed courtesy of her ratepayers [“Green Mountain Powell,” October 12]. Most do not realize she has effectively scammed them in the name of “renewable energy.” If the Lowell project gets built, it will cost GMP and Vermont Electric Coop ratepayers tens of millions more than other options for equivalent energy and CO2 reduction that are and will be available during the project’s 20-year lifespan.

Even worse than needlessly overcharging ratepayers, though, is Powell’s appetite to destroy Vermont’s environmental ethic. Fury is the only appropriate response to the environmental catastrophe that is industrial wind on ridgelines in Vermont.

The destruction in Lowell is child’s play, though, when compared to Powell’s support for the GMP/CVPS merger. This restructuring could pave the way for a massive transmission corridor the length of the state – one of the options on the drawing board to move Canadian-produced power south to urban areas.

Now is the time for Vermonters to wake up to this reordering of their energy supply and make their voices heard. The best thing GMP ratepayers can do for themselves and Vermont’s energy future is to demand Mary Powell’s resignation. We will continue to get a lousy deal for our pocketbook and our environment so long as Mary and her ilk are running a “renewable energy” game sanctioned by an impotent Department of Public Service and power-hungry governor under the guise of climate-change action.

Ira Powsner