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Egg on lots of faces in Fairhaven wind project

On Veterans Day, contractors were clearing land on the public bike path behind the Fairhaven Waste Water Treatment Plant. The location is where a pitched legal battle has gone on for years by nearby residents.

Safety issues took a back seat, no public notice about the construction, lack of a police detail, lack of any signs or permits while earth moving machines used the public bike path to throw trees and rocks hundreds of feet. They say you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Recently the Wind 1 turbine in Falmouth was shut down because it was making 50 residents ill from the human annoyance or harmonic frequency given off by that turbine. The Falmouth residents had been told the same thing: “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

The issues are an existing walking/bike trail, radio tower guide wires, high tension power lines to the existing radio shack, wetlands, marsh and the nearby wood elementary school not to mention the residential homes. The dangers of the turbines are the noise, shadow flicker, blade and ice throw and property devaluation around the turbines.

How many eggs will they have to break in Fairhaven?

Frank Haggerty