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Windmills would multiply on ridges

All area local governments should immediately tackle possible problems that come with giant wind farms.

While driving along Interstate 65 in Northwest Indiana, I abruptly slowed, as I just had to do some serious rubber-necking, when we came into an area of hundreds (maybe even more than a thousand) of those giant silver windmills stretching as far as the eye could see on both sides of the highway. A nearby resident said he didn’t know how many there were, but that they have an ability to rapidly multiply.

One could imagine what our beautiful valley could look likeif this type of power generation locates on our mountaintops. If they start up on Poor Mountain and move into Floyd County, in the future they may be along the ridgelines of Fort Lewis Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Tinker Mountain, Read Mountain, back around to Roanoke Mountain, and then maybe a few on either side of the star on Mill Mountain. Then to top it off, we could see some on Purgatory down at Buchanan. I don’t think viewing the beautiful fall foliage would be very enjoyable.

So please address the problem before it comes to the next ridge