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We need energy but not this project

In the spring of 2010, Green Mountain Power Corp. (now owned by multi-national corporation Gaz Metro) submitted a 1,200-page petition to the Public Service Board for a certificate of Public Good to put wind towers on the top of Lowell Mountain in Northern Vermont.

Despite evidence that this project would cost more than other renewable energy projects, a certificate of Public Good was issued by the PSB.

As a result, GMP is hauling heavy equipment up to the top of Lowell Mountain and is blowing the top off the mountain in order to level it for construction of twenty-one 450-foot towers.

Viewing the appalling destruction of forest and trees and the ruination of the mountain’s environment, I cannot believe this is the way we should go in Vermont. Unfortunately, Governor Schumlin is in favor of this project and is planning 10 more such projects on 200 miles of Vermont ridgelines.

This is a giant corporate response to our need for alternate energy. GMP stands to make 45 million dollars in Federal Energy Credits if they finish the project by end of December 2012.

We need alternate energy, but we don’t need corporate take-over of our Vermont landscape. We need to oppose projects like Lowell Mountain and instead support small local energy projects, adapted to the unique situation of each region.


North Bennington