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Outrage at PUD rates

I just received my electric bill Saturday and I was shocked to see how much it was, for it went from $120 to $188 to $221 in less than a year and we are on the budget plan (I am on Social Security) so the raise we will get in the coming year will be wiped out. Thank God my wife works, or we would be in deep trouble. The economy is bad here in Cowlitz County and now they raise the rates because they wanted to be greedy and invested in the wind farm thinking they would sell the power to California so now we, the customers, have to pay for their mistake. They have a surplus of electricity, so why don’t they use that surplus to lower our rates? The three commissioners should give up some of their raise to help out people that cannot pay.

What happens when a large part of the population cannot pay their bill? Will they tell us, “Tough, you will have to do without?” When we make a mistake, we pay, when they make a mistake, we, as customers, pay. When and where does it stop? We have no recourse, they do not have any competition, so we are at their mercy. I wish there was a way that we, as customers, could file a class action suit against the PUD.

Anthony Currera