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‘2 tall, 2 close, 2 many’

“2 tall, 2 close, 2 many” has been our battle cry against the proposed behemoth wind turbines proposed for Riga, Ogden and Palmyra. At last we have federal vindication of that warning.

The FAA just released its statement warning of the danger that 492-feet-tall wind turbines pose for air travel at Toledo Metro Express Airport. Such tall structures will interfere with that airport’s radar system if they are located within 13 nautical miles of the airport, and Ogden and Riga are within that range.

This newly disclosed information would eliminate the majority of the proposed mega-wind turbines in both townships. “Hip, hip hooray” for the FAA! I hope they file a lawsuit or seek an injunction to halt the construction, once and for all, of these oversized horrors, greedily supported by so many of our local large landowners, who thus far have been blinded by dollar signs to the dangers these structures would precipitate.

For those of us who value our birds, bats and butterflies over monetary gain, this FAA revelation has been a blessing, and hopefully a reprieve from destruction of our flying friends, both animal and human.

Hit the road, Exelon and your greedy cohorts – human lives and safety take precedent over “money and profit” by anyone’s standards.

Terry Beaver