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Protestors at the Sheffield Wind Grand Opening

SHEFFIELD- Protestors gathered along the access road to the Sheffield Wind Project on Wednesday. Protestors held signs that said “Shumlin is Corrupt”. This group of protestors feels strongly that the turbines on this mountain ridge were not the correct response for trying to go green in the state of Vermont.

Protestors made it clear that just because they are against industrial wind this does not mean that they are against renewable energy. Geoff Goodhue said, “I think it needs to be smaller scale and localized and I just don’t trust corporations to be in charge of this kind of development.”

They spoke out about how the turbines “rip up a whole mountain top.” David Zimmerman of Sheffield said “A 100 foot wind tower, nobody’s objecting, they could put one on every farm and every house, that would be fine. But to have 450 foot towers and rip up a whole mountain top to put them there, and in fact its not going to produce very much energy in the greater scheme of things.”

The Sheffield Wind Project has been in the works for the last seven years and has faced opposition for most of that time. The question remains is industrial wind right for the state of Vermont and that has yet to be seen.

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