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Wind turbines: No

I urge residents of Mount Pleasant to oppose the SC Johnson wind farm proposal.

I agree with Dr. Soto’s point (Oct. 30 Journal Times) that wind is a clean and renewable resource, but it also produces light and noise pollution as well as health problems which are related to wind generators. That is the reason they are normally located in nonresidential areas.

A better solution would be solar panels which would produce power during peak usage periods thereby reducing the need for coal-produced electricity; even more so than wind generators.

I don’t want my neighborhood compromised by having a wind farm less than a quarter-mile away. Not only will this reduce property values, but it will kill wildlife, cause health problems and interrupt TV, radio and cellphone signals. The truth is, the community will really be subsidizing SCJ’s power supply.

Please investigate further to get all the facts before jumping on the wind farm corporate bandwagon. How would you react if one of these wind farms was going up virtually in your backyard? On a summer evening, do you want flashing light as the sun sets through the fan blades, or a whooshing noise every two seconds, or to lose one-half the value of your home so a large corporation can achieve 100 percent renewable energy?

Up to this point, SC Johnson has been a good neighbor and corporate citizen. I know, because I live right across the street. However, in this instance they should reconsider and explore other options.

Tom Joy

Mount Pleasant