October 28, 2011
Letters, Maine

Wind: buyer beware

Bangor Daily News, bangordailynews.com 28 October 2011

As a “permanent visitor” to this wonderful state, I glory in the topography that abounds in this region of America. Perhaps due to my “flatlanderness,” I especially adore the many hills and mountains of Maine. These land masses rise majestically above their surroundings and create relatively unspoiled vistas.

Recently, some of these vistas have been adulterated with numerous structural behemoths called wind turbines. Noisy and ugly, these eyesores may one day be as commonplace to our mountaintops as gawky telephone poles are to our roadways.

In my neighboring town of Frankfort, efforts are under way to construct a series of wind towers on Mount Waldo. Who will benefit from these 400 foot citadels? Will the residents of Frankfort experience decidedly cheaper electric rates? Will their property taxes meaningfully decrease? Will the abutters of the towers discover that their real estate appreciates in value? Will the majestic appearance of Mount Waldo improve? Does wildlife languish in the new surroundings?

I live near Snow Mountain. Will that crest have wind towers in the future? What about the Camden Hills, Blue Hill or perhaps a dot matrix of wind machines on the many gorgeous islands that are part of Maine’s unspoiled heritage? And let’s not forget the mountains and hills of western Maine. Do we really desire such architectural pollution?

A minority of people will benefit from these gargantuan turbine projects. The benefactors will not drive expensive cars with Maine license plates nor will they reside within the bucolic confines of Maine. Buyer beware!

Tracy R. Gran Sr.


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