October 23, 2011
British Columbia

Company considers wind farm for Moresby Island

www.qciobserver.com 21 October 2011

A renewable energy company is seeking permission to investigate wind power potential on Moresby Island.
Moresby Island Management Committee members discussed Eclipsol Energy Inc.’s application for provincial crown land tenure on Oct. 13.
The company is proposing a site on Mount Poole near Alliford Bay for a possible wind farm. The site is 390 to 705 metres above sea level and could generate 20 MW of power. They would like to erect several 60 metre meteorological towers to collect information about the wind, and plan to link to BC Hydro.
Committee members discussed the request. Robert Chisholm said the project will go nowhere and he cautioned members against supporting the applications.
Other members had different opinions. Stan Hovde said he’s not against anything that might occur. “Any development is good,” he said.
It’s clean energy and it’s an investigation, said Emmy O’Gorman. “If they do that for two to five years, bring it on,” she said. The workers will be eating in Sandspit restaurants and staying in local accommodations. “I’m happy Moresby Island was chosen.”
After a vote, the committee decided to support the application. Mr. Chisholm abstained.

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