October 17, 2011
Letters, Saskatchewan

Criticism unfair

The StarPhoenix, www.thestarphoenix.com 17 October 2011

Re: Good to see logic win over fear (SP, Oct. 13). Gerry Klein wasn’t present at the open house hosted by the city this fall, so I take some exception to his column implying that residents are acting in fear of this windmill project.

He doesn’t know what was or wasn’t said at that meeting. This is typical of what we are expected to accept from journalists, who don’t take the time to hear both sides of an argument.

Klein’s reference to NIMBYism is totally unwarranted. I would guess he hasn’t been in the Montgomery neighbourhood for some time, so again, how can he imply something without actually observing for himself what we are putting up with. Montgomery is adjacent to the landfill, which will be used for another 40 or more years.

It is also home to the Viterra grain terminal, CN’s Chappel yards, the city’s vehicle impound yard and the PetroCan fuel terminal. We expect to soon be home to the new transit bus terminal and the city yards. As part of the Circle Drive extension, we will also get the relocated CN switching terminal. This is not to mention the years of having Mitchell Foods next door.

I dare say no other city neighbourhood has had such proliferation of common services nearby.

Klein is labelling us as being protectionist or not progressive because we have the temerity to question the wind turbine project. If he’s such a proponent of it, why doesn’t he use his considerable influence to have this thing built in his neighbourhood?

Tony Hnatiuk

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