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Do the windmill studies, then go green

Council tilting at windmills with possible ban (Oct. 11)

If asking “that a moratorium be placed on the establishment of any new Industrial Wind Turbine developments in Hamilton until a comprehensive, independent and peer-reviewed scientific study, as well as a psychosocial impact study, can confirm that industrial wind energy projects do not pose a risk to the community, the health of its citizens, property values, the rural environment and the affects to wildlife, specifically bees” is not “being green,” I am thankful that Councillor Brenda Johnson and the rest of city council are not “green.”

Their job is to protect all citizens of Hamilton – even those who live in those “little farming communities” – and that is what they are trying to do.

If wind turbines are as green as wind developers profess them to be, the studies we want will show that. The wind industry’s fear of having these very specific studies done seems proof positive that they are fully aware the results will not be in favour of wind energy.

For those of you who consider us to be NIMBYs, get with the program. We are not NIMBYs, we are NIABYs – not in anybody’s back yard until the proper studies are done. The only thing about the wind industry that is truly green without these studies being completed is the money going into the developers’ pockets