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Frankfort’s ordinance is fair

Contrary to what many people with a lot to gain would have us believe, the group writing Frankfort’s proposed wind power ordinance did so in an unbiased and fair manner.

As someone who attended many of the committee’s weekly meetings, I can tell you that members reviewed numerous existing ordinances and reams of data on potential health concerns, safety (fire and ice from the blades), property and municipal tax implications, noise levels and the impact on wildlife. They reviewed the impact of existing wind power projects statewide, nationwide and even internationally.

In constructing the ordinance they often used guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization, a well-respected group with no political ties. The intent was clear: protect the health and safety of all Frankfort citizens.

It’s important to point out that committee members have volunteered a great deal of their time to construct this ordinance with nothing to gain personally. They have been unduly pressured by the wind power company and landowners who don’t actually live in Frankfort but have a great deal to gain financially if this industrial wind power project goes through.

As someone with property on Mount Waldo, I urge the residents of Frankfort to carefully review the ordinance, read about the homeowners’ experiences from towns with existing wind power facilities and review the information provided by independent sources. I believe once you have done that, you will vote yes on this well-designed ordinance.

Patrick Rowland