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Wind generation is unsustainable

The Progressive Conservatives are correct in their assessment of the flaws in the provincial Green Energy Act. Its subsidies create jobs that are not sustainable.

If a business is profitable on its own, it doesn’t need subsidies. The funds for the subsidies must be raised through taxes and the burden of taxes kills more jobs than it creates. Around the world, it is my belief that countries have experienced job losses in the renewable energy field. It is my understanding that for every green job created in Spain 2.2 private sector jobs were lost, while the U.K. has shown a loss of 3.7 jobs. Why would we think Ontario would be any different?

Just because we call it “green” doesn’t necessarily mean it is good.

Wind and solar energy is unreliable, since no energy is produced when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Then we would be forced to ramp up electrical generation at gas-fired and nuclear plants.

What will happen when the Liberals have their way and there are 6,000 or more wind generators? Some rural residents are abandoning their homes because of the health effects of living near industrial wind turbines, and gag orders are placed on residents who were bought out by wind-farm companies. It is my understanding that property values decreased by as much as 20 per cent when situated near industrial wind turbines.

How can the Liberals force all of this on their children?

Sandy Fellows, Belwood