October 11, 2011

China hits brakes on wind energy growth

Wu Qi, Windpower Monthly, www.windpowermonthly.com 11 October 2011

CHINA: China’s wind capacity will grow by around 15GW a year up until 2015 according to Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the department of new energy and renewable energy under the National Energy Bureau (NEB).

When compared to the 18.92GW installed in 2010, the figures confirm China’s wind energy growth is continuing to slow.

China’s wind turbine installed capacity has experienced a rapid growth during 2007-2010, with newly added capacity of 3.31GW, 6.15GW, 13.8GW and 18.92GW each year, respectively.

However, a year-on-year increase of 38% in 2010 signaled a slowdown compared to the 100%+ increase in the previous three years.

In August, China earmarked a quota of 28.83GW installed capacity across the country, as the first batch for the 12th Five Year Plan period 2011-2015.

China is expected to have 90GW wind installed capacity by 2015, compared with 44.73GW in 2010.

NEB has set stricter access rules and higher national technology standards for wind-power access to power grid earlier this year.

In addition, wind-farm projects with a capacity less than 50MW must apply to NEB instead of getting approval from local governments. This has delayed or suspended construction of some wind farms in the second quarter this year.

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