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Wind turbine on Winter Island a bad idea

In his Sept. 22 letter to the editor, Edward Moriarity Jr. asked those who live near Winter Island and are against the proposed wind turbine to speak up.

I’ve read many great letters with very good points as to why it is a bad idea. Not one letter has convinced me that it’s a good idea. I also am vehemently opposed to the idea of a wind turbine on Winter Island.

Mr. Moriarty took the time to investigate and learned that the construction of such a monstrosity would actually be unlawful. I thank him for his research and will gladly join any movement to take it to the courts of law if this keeps going forward.

I cannot comprehend how the supporters – who claim to be “green” – can think that destroying this place of beauty is remotely good for the environment or for the citizens of Salem. There is so much wildlife there whose lives and homes would be forever gone. The many campers who enjoy its beauty will be deafened by sounds of rotors roaring above. The same holds true for any of us who currently enjoy walking our dogs, gardening, boating or simply sitting in peaceful contemplation.

These turbines are not things of beauty. They are ugly, looming eyesores that are noisy and not worth the cost.

Yes, I have visited sites where they have been built. I just went through southern Pennsylvania and saw a small “farm” of them. Noise pollutants! (But mind you, they were in the middle of nowhere with no homes for miles and miles.)

Mayor Driscoll has done a lot of wonderful things for the city of Salem. A turbine on Winter Island, however, would not be one of them. As Mr. Moriarty stated, “The loss of even one acre of this priceless island for future generations is inexcusable, unimaginable and un-American.”

Sharon Smith