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Farmer’s bid for wind turbine is hit by blow

A parish council is objecting to plans which could lead to another wind turbine going up in an area targeted by wind farm developers.

Andrew Cook, of Kenby Farm, Owstwick, is seeking permission for a 40m anemometer to test wind speeds, which could lead to a 74m wind turbine, being installed.

Roos parish council is objecting on the grounds of cumulative impact with nearby schemes. Two wind farms have been given approval at Roos – totalling 12 turbines – with another three at Burton Pidsea. The nine-turbine wind farm at Sunderland Farm is due to be built next year and groundwork has started at Burton Pidsea.

Chairman of Roos parish council David Winter said: “Where does it all end? Our concern at parish council and East Riding level is the countryside. You are going to have turbines dotted all over the countryside. If you are going to have them, have them in a concentrated area, rather than here, there and anywhere.”

But Mr Cook said: “We are going to have to get energy from somewhere. It’s either that or nuclear.”

He will be leasing the land for the turbine to Savills Commercial, on behalf of Windberry Energy.

The energy will feed into the National Grid. Mr Cook added: “You are looking at £1m for the one they are putting up and we couldn’t justify £1m for just one turbine; it wouldn’t pay back in my lifetime. We could have gone for two or three of the small ones which some farmers have done; they are more affordable, but you don’t get the output.”

Mr Cook said he expected opposition, although the East Riding’s first wind farm at Out Newton hadn’t caused the problems predicted. “They said it was going to kill the seagulls and cause TV interference but it hasn’t done that at all. They work at about 46 per cent efficiency, which is pretty good and they were the early models. There was a lot of opposition to them and they are just running quietly away.”