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Insulted In Frankfort

Eolian’s recent mailing was quite disturbing. After a year of being in Frankfort and giving the townspeople vague and misleading answers to their questions about the company’s plans for wind turbines at informational meetings, they’ve decided to hire a professional public relations firm to “reintroduce” themselves.

Here’s some facts: Eolian has yet to produce a single watt of electricity anywhere. They admit to “not having done a good enough job” of clearly presenting their project to the town. Two of their mailings “overlooked” dozens of residents who live around Mt. Waldo and would be most affected by these massive 450-foot turbines. Heck, they can’t even get the name of the local store right even though they have an office next to it. It’s “The Family Country Market” not The Frankfort Country Market. Yet they want us to believe they’ve found their way and are ready to move forward with this project.

It’s insulting for them to think that the people of this town can be taken in by pizza parties, barbecues, mailings with “project details” and paid-for third-party “experts” who’ll spoon-feed us answers like they have since day one. Again, showing the townspeople they don’t want to have an open “transparent” dialogue where they have to give real answers to real questions.

Residents of Frankfort – do we want to be Eolians guinea pig? We need to pass our ordinance, sending Eolian the message that we’re going to protect our town as did Eddington residents months ago when Eolian tried the same tactics there.

Robert Poitras