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Damage done by wind turbines

Having been a staunch supporter of wind turbines and what they were supposed to do, I am now no longer in favour due to the major damage that the structures are causing to our beautiful Scottish countryside.

They might not be ugly, but they do nothing but interrupt the landscape, be it on land or in the sea.

We must all play a part in finding and using renewable energy forms so that our fossil fuel reserves are not depleted so soon. I see that there are various government grants as well as incentives by the energy suppliers for landowners to site wind turbines, but I do not think that people have done their homework as to finding out if wind turbines are a money-making project. I doubt if they are.

Being an engineer, I feel that there are far better ways of producing energy without massive windfarms which, by the way, have a very nasty CO2 footprint on the initial build.

The UK is but an island in the middle of some of the most powerful seas in the world. We are also blessed with plenty of daylight hours. With those two ingredients, I am quite sure there is an engineer that can convert those free assets to energy.

Gavin D. Elder, Prunier Drive, Peterhead. Dr Adam Watson, Clachnaben, Crathes.