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Opposes views of wind energy representative

How dare Mr. Neil Palmer of NextEra Energy Resources say citizens who oppose wind turbines think farmers are of low intelligence and idiots. That’s really not the way to bring a community together.

Thank God for our farmers and for the food they grow for America and the world.

Mr. Palmer stated that NextEra’s contracts with landowners include provisions stating that the companies are responsible for taking down abandoned turbines. In the next sentence, he agreed that if companies “skip town,” the county needs a backup.

What is that? What if his company skips? It sounds to me that Mr. City Slicker thinks we are all idiots.

As far as the young man from Walnut parroting the opinions of his family, may God richly bless him. I only hope he’s allowed to read about the real, sometimes shattering consequences of living near the turbines, such as documented electrical pollution, shadow flicker, turbine fires flinging hot ashes onto surrounding trees and sometimes homes, blades hurling ice as far as 1,500 feet, leaking oil down the tower and sometimes throwing it. What about the groundwater contamination? There is also noise sometimes likened to a train, causing sleeplessness and loss of peace. But unlike the train, it never passes.

And what about our bats and migrating birds? The tips of the blades turn more than 100 mph. Our farmers will have a larger insect population to contend with, but crop dusters won’t go near them. If they can get the planes in, think of the additional poisons going into our water supply.

I agree with Mr. Bill McGinn (no relation) that a 200-foot additional setback won’t make a difference. If I am trying to sleep 1,400 feet away from a freight train, I can’t see it being quiet 1,600 feet away.

Sue McGinn, Tampico