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Tehachapi homeowners want windmill boundaries drawn

Numerous windmill projects in Tehachapi have some homeowners calling for limits on how close the turbines should be.

Those residents are calling on the board of supervisors to draw a boundary line for windmill projects.

It’s beauty and character coined the title the land of the four seasons. Growing concern is Tehachapi may be come the land of the giant turbines. Homeowner Bob Moran says, “It’s been a real losing battle for the neighborhoods in this so far because they come up with a process called mitigation and we can’t win that, we need to have a boundary. A specific boundary, a designated distance for these towering turbines in the Tehachapi Valley.”

These homeowners are taking those concerns and thoughts on line and drafting maps for the County Board of Supervisors. Homeowner, Dave Walsh says, “That is the boundary, no giant wind turbine, new turbine projects inside this boundary. That’s what we want.”

Supervisor Zack Scrivner says the projects have gone on the East side of Tehachapi Willow Springs Road and Oak Creek Corridor. Scrivner is working with the planning director to come up with an official boundary line. Scrivner says, “I have got this accelerated course and hopeful in the next 60 days we are going to come up with something that is workable.”

In the meantime, homeowners like Bob Moran says, “We need this boundary so that we can continue to live our quality of life, bring up our family so if we gotta sell our property and know that it has the value we paid for it and not much less.”

The county board of supervisors should have a decision on creating a boundary for windmill projects by January of next year.