September 28, 2011

Plan approved for five wind turbines at Denzell Downs

Cornish Guardian, 28 September 2011

Controversial plans to build five wind turbines on land at Denzell Downs were approved at Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee on Thursday.

REG Windpower will install the turbines with a maximum tip height of 100m above existing ground levels on land adjacent to the existing Bear Downs wind farm.

Residents opposed to the plans complained that the noise generated from the blades rotating at Bear Downs led to them “waking in the early hours”.

They feared the situation would be far worse as the newer proposed site is closer to many more homes.

Phoebe Lockett, a local resident, said: “We have lived in our home for 30 years near Bear Downs and we have had regular noise from the site for ten years.

“It’s a deep thumping noise, which goes on and on, that interferes with sleep. In my opinion much bigger turbines will mean more noise.

“I have kept a noise diary, which shows I have been woken at 2am some mornings. The two wind farms will be monitored with cumulative readings.

“If there is a higher level of noise recorded, the different owners of both farms can blame the other for the breach and nothing will be done.”

Other speakers at the meeting were in favour of the plans.


Mike Grigg, from St Issey, said: “I was in support of the Bear Downs wind farm – which I can see from my home.

“It is hardly ever not working and is placed on land which was, before it was built, relatively bland.

“I think the wind farm being there has enhanced the site.”

Cornwall councillor John Wood, who represents the Roche ward, said he “took on board the concerns of Mrs Lockett” and “wanted a condition put on the approval specifying that the applicants work with her to rectify any problems straightaway”.

Mr Wood’s vote of approval received the vital backing of fellow councillor Steve Eva, from Falmouth.

But councillor Ruth Lewarne, from Penzance, said she would not be backing the plans due to the “visual impact on the landscape”.

A vote was won by ten votes with five votes against.

Simon Pipkin, REG Windpower’s development manager for the project, said: “Both us and the project’s local supporters are, of course, very pleased that the committee voted to approve the wind farm planned for Denzell Downs.

“Not only will the wind farm provide enough safe, clean renewable electricity on average to meet the needs of around 5,000 homes, but we are also committed to establishing a Community Fund to help support local good causes throughout the project’s operating life.

“We fully intend to remain in touch with the local community throughout the construction period and beyond. We look forward to working closely with local people to make sure that deserving causes benefit from the Community Fund.”

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