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Turbine delay too much

Whatever the exact situation regarding the complaints about noise from people living close to the new Fullabrook wind farm, it is a complete absurdity that they have been told the issue cannot be investigated properly until the farm is officially up and running.

In the meantime, what are the locals who claim their lives are being “destroyed” by the noise being generated from the turbines to do? It can’t be right that officialdom is claiming it is powerless to act until the wind farm is formally commissioned.

Whatever the issues which may or may not be happening as a result of the wind farm’s blades starting to turn, it is plainly wrong that those people who think they are being affected by their introduction are unable to get any remedy to their complaints immediately.

On the face of it they are raising some seriously concerning points about the changes to their lives which the wind farm’s introduction has wrought and it is simply insulting to them to suggest they must await until it officially starts work to get the answers they so desperately need.

Surely, even as a goodwill gesture council officers and those behind the wind farm have a duty to visit those who are making the complaints to see if there is anything they can do? Even one night of disturbance for them is one night too many and so it is a completely nightmarish prospect for them to have to ‘tolerate’ this situation for weeks more.

For everyone’s sakes these issues need addressing now and not when some official deems it the right time to do so.