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Wind towers are ugly

I was shocked, traveling south along beautiful Crystal Lake, in the Northeast Kingdom, to see the landscape mutilated with those ugly wind towers.

For years Vermont has resisted billboards, cell towers, gaudy signs, malls, etc. Now they have allowed this so power can be added to the grid. Is the power generated so urgent that you had to trash your hillsides? To add insult, this trash is seen from many hilltops miles away, coming over the hill from West Glover I was again shocked.

My wife and I have done extensive traveling and every time we come back to Vermont we agree that Vermont is the most beautiful. Please don’t let the special interest and big money spoil your state!

Shame on the politicians that allowed this. I hope the Vermont voters remember and get rid of the shortsighted lawmakers that allowed this trash on your hillsides.

I have some questions.

Will the rest of Vermont be blessed with this trashed landscape or just the Northeast Kingdom?

Will this help or hurt the tourist industry?

Is there an environmental cleanup fund or escrow to clean this mess when they decide it may not be such a good idea?

Did this help or hurt the locals?

Will the wind factories go belly up like the solar companies, with taxpayers picking up the tab?

Bill Dennen
Colchester, Connecticut