September 19, 2011
New York

Troupsburg hears more on wind power

By Andrew Poole, The Evening Tribune, 18 September 2011

Troupsburg, N.Y. – Five months after it heard an initial presentation on wind power, the Troupsburg town board heard that a meteorological tower was scheduled to be installed by Friday.

In April the board heard from Tim Ahrens from Seattle-based Ridgeline Energy about the idea of conducting a study in the town to determine whether a farm of wind turbines would be feasible.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the board that the meteorological tower will be installed on a hill between Troupsburg and Greenwood off County Route 126. Supervisor Fred Potter said the tower will collect data on whether installing turbines in the town is feasible.

“Once (the tower) is done, it will be at least a year before they know whether the wind energy is strong enough to sustain a project,” said Potter.

The supervisor added that if turbines come to Troupsburg, it probably won’t be for another three-to-five years.

The company has also started speaking with property owners to find out who would be receptive to turbines being installed. Potter said he hasn’t heard a “major outcry” from people in the town against the idea of wind power.

In preparation for the company installing turbines, the town is looking at installing a local law that would regulate where towers could be installed, their proximity to property lines, and permissable noise levels.

A road use agreement is also in the works that would force major industries to repair roads they damage in the town.

Previously Potter said that another wind power company contacted the town several years ago, but officials didn’t hear from the company a second time.

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