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Legislature should end green energy mandate

Ohio Senate Bill 221 needs your support. It is designed to repeal Ohio’s Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard. The American Tradition Institute commissioned the Beacon Hill Institute to analyze and estimate the economic effects of our Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard mandate. Here are some of their results:

• Ohio electricity consumers will pay $1.427 billion more for power in 2025.

• By 2025, Ohio will lose an average of 9,753 jobs.

• The mandate will reduce wages by an average of $344 per worker.

• Net investment will fall by $79 million.

• The policy will cost families on average $123.

• From 2016 to 2025, the average household will pay $756 in higher electricity costs; the commercial will pay an extra $5,350; the industrial will pay an extra $191,490.

In our desire to become energy independent, we have ignored critical analysis. The European Commission found that for every renewable (wind energy) job Spain financed, they incurred a loss of nine for every four created.

In addition to their failure, Denmark (home to the most turbines per capita in the world) has problems. One year ago, their government-owned energy company announced no more onshore wind farms. Why? Over the past 20 years, Denmark’s electricity rates have tripled, their turbines underproduce, and public outcry has been heard.

No one is opposed to true green energy and the energy independence; however, we have wind and solar industries disguising themselves as green. In reality, the only thing green about them is the massive greenback subsidies they need to survive.

Please call your Ohio state senator (Keith Faber) and ask him to support SB 221.

Dawn Davis, Spencerville