September 9, 2011

Hornsdale wind farm plan could bypass council

ABC News, 9 September 2011

The Northern Areas Council says a company will seek approval for a large wind farm in the mid-north of South Australia from the Development Assessment Commission rather than the local council.

It says that would avoid any community appeals, as happened with the Allendale wind farm in the south-east of SA.

The council has been briefed by investment banking group Investec about its plan to develop up to 100 turbines east of Hornsdale.

Council chairman Ben Browne says it should be involved in the development approval process.

“I can understand why Investec have gone down this path. They’ve explained to council that given the concerns around Mount Bryan and Allendale in the south-east with appeals to the ERD that for certainty they’ve decided to go down section 49,” he said.

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