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Bailing out wind farms

Taxpayers should think about the recent article talking about decreasing the values of local wind farms due to “lack of wind”, “too much wind” and “lower electricity prices.”

The wind farms were based on models for wind in this region and most of the farms compiled meteorological data well ahead of the initial construction. Also there is wind data available from several sources that is also used as criteria for placement of wind farms. The designers knew well ahead what the wind potential is in this area.

You have to ask yourself why did the companies build the wind farms here knowing there was a limiting factor of getting their power into transmission lines?

A clue may be in the financial models for wind farms. Most of the models show a 10 year pay out of capital costs. The key on this 10 year pay out is the wind turbines maintaining a certain capacity, usually in the 80 percent range. If the wind turbines can’t run at the desired capacity, the fixed capital costs stretch the curve.

Maybe the tax folks should look at how much of the time turbines couldn’t produce due to wind problems. You could use the same analogy for cattlemen and reduce their taxes due to the drought. Wind farms received renewable energy subsidies initially and now it sounds like the taxpayers are going to subsidize them some more. Almost sounds like a GM and Chrysler deal.

Bob Collins, Buffalo Gap