August 17, 2011

HEAT member says muncipalities could do more

by Travis Pedwell, 17 August 2011

A member of Huron East Against Turbines has some hope for municipalities being pinned with wind projects.

Robert Tetu tells about the stories in Arran Elderslie and Grey Highlands.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News both municipalities are preventing further wind development until post Election after October 6th.

Tetu tells us the municipalities have set up a series of by-laws and resolutions to set-up obstacles for wind turbines to go through.

He says the two municipalities are concerned of peoples heath and until a study is done – they will do everything they can to prevent the turbines.

Among other things Tetu notes they worry about the heavy equipment destroying roads.

Tetu says the municipalities realize they must protect land owners of potential costs of decommissioning a turbine that no longer functions.

Tetu notes it remains to be seen whether the same needs to be done in Huron East.

He says as long as the Progressive Conservatives get in and stick with their word there won’t be any turbines placed here.

Tetu is also a regular at Chesley Turbine meetings and says the main message is about protecting each other.

He tells us there are too many questions about health.

He says Huron East has done a great job preventing the turbines but notes council is concerned because of potential lawsuits.

Tetu adds the health of residents is more important then any threat from a wind development company.

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