August 15, 2011
Letters, Maine

CMP’s attitude disdainful about customers’ interests

In response to Central Maine Power stealing the land of Maine residents for its transmission lines, my neighbor said it best in describing the next generation’s attitude toward megapower projects: “My children, who will soon be green, thank you.”

Heretofore, we have been a community of families. Multiple generations living in sometimes single, sometimes multiple, structures that make up the picturesque town of Berwick, in southern Maine. We, the residents, strangely, do not look forward to welcoming a 7- mile transmission corridor as a new neighbor.

It comes as somewhat of a shock considering easements have not been passed down through deeds. Without warning, notice, or knowledge that soon we would be a buzzing, humming community of power stations, wires, eyesores, broken promises, diminished property values and broken lands, CMP marches in with smiles as it steals.

We humbly suggest, CMP, you alter your title to Central Maine Cover-up. We think that the next time you barge into someone’s community you have the common decency to inform the residents that you will soon be turning their backyards into industrial wastelands.

And we beg, that the next time you intend to break in, like robbers in the night, steal the homes we have worked our lives for, that we intended to leave to our families for generations, you at least leave a notice on the door so we know which specific cowards deserve the blame.

You are not, as you claim, a service. You are no better than a common crook. Make your bed with dirty policies, line your homes with lies and see how you stand.

Dara Leigh Roberts


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