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Wind turbines will despoil beauty of Maine’s mountains

Former Gov. Angus King’s position in a Sunday Telegram column advocating wind power would have been more convincing if he were not to benefit personally from its implementation (“Energy choices and the No Free Lunch principle,” June 5).

I will leave the strong arguments against wind power in such areas as costs, subsidies and efficiency to those more expert than I.

My opposition is one of aesthetics. To spoil the mountains and ridges of Maine with protruding 400-foot towers with rotating propellers and blinking lights is a mistake that will make future generations ask, “What could they have been thinking?”

King skipped lightly over the effect on our important tourist business. Do we really think people will come to Maine to see the pretty towers on our mountains?

Why not put our efforts into solar, tidal, hydro and even offshore wind that won’t forever impair the majestic beauty of our Maine hills and mountains?

Charles L. Sawyer