August 12, 2011
Letters, Scotland

Windfarms can swamp this fragile landscape

Stirling Observer, 12 August 2011

The Banks Renewables windfarm proposal at Craigievern is not the only threat to the beautiful Loch Lomond gateway area. There is an epidemic of planning applications for turbine installations.

Individually insignificant, collectively these can swamp the defences of this fragile, gentle landscape. No amount of developer ingenuity, sensitive environmental impact studies or crude community bribery can conceal the dominance of wind turbines 325 feet high.

Clearly a strategic change of policy is underway. Instead of the orthodox mass army attacks by Npower and others there is a switch to infiltration. This swarm of so-called individual applications will, at a later date, surface as AIPPE (Association of Independent Power Production Enterprises), which will prove to be linked to a major national alternative sources power provider.

It is up to the local resistance to deny an easy triumph to that temperamental and windy god Turbinus.

MIKE STONEBurns Begg CrescentBalfron

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