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Wind farms, environmental disasters

It seems that environmental groups are becoming concerned of late about uranium mining and coal plants wanting to operate near the Grand Canyon, although either project would be some 12 miles from the Grand Canyon itself. The concern is that such operations will destroy the natural beauty of the area and disrupt wildlife habitat in the region.

It is a very noble gesture of these environmentalists wanting to protect the natural beauty and preserve the wildlife in the area, but what no one sees is any concern from them about the projected wind farm in this same area.

Since a wind farm near the Grand Canyon would have a much larger impact on the area’s beauty by cluttering it up with towering wind turbines, and have a direct negative influence on the area as well as the bird and bat population by killing anything flying through the turbine blades, it would seem that environmental groups would have the same concerns for wind farms, since their impact on an area’s environment is much larger and more destructive than that of mining or a power plant.

Environmentalists do not classify wind farms as having the same negative impacts on an area’s natural beauty and habitat which other conventional projects would simply because they are willing to sacrifice an area’s natural beauty, all the wildlife and some endangered species as well for natural renewable energy.

This would be fine if wind farms were really contributing to reducing fossil fuel usage. However, nothing could be further from reality. The official estimation of electricity produced from all the wind farms in the US is below 1% of the total grid. Take into consideration the fossil fuels necessary in manufacturing the turbines themselves and their internal mechanisms, plus transportation of this equipment itself. All wind farms have used far more fossil fuels in getting ready for operation than they will ever generate in electricity in the lifetime of the wind farm.

Therefore, what we have here is a business that is allowed to destroy natural scenic beauty. Wind farms have killed millions of protected bird species in the decades since they began operation, and present dangerous fire hazards in the forests and range areas where they operate. Whale and dolphin beachings will someday be proven as a direct result of the hum and sonar vibrations sent out by oceanside wind farms. Yet all of these offenses are allowed to continue based on the false pretense that they are helping to reduce our consumption of fossil fuel generated electricity when in reality, they do nothing of the sort, and actually are more of a detriment to both natural beauty and wildlife.

Wind farms are completely useless. They are symbollic of an ideal that benefits no one, except those who have investments in the pseudo technology, and it cost taxpayers billions annually. Wind energy is the first business in the world, entirely built on a promise of reducing fossil fuel generated electricity usage, while literally having absolutely no product to back up its claims.

Wind energy is like the old solar clothes dryer advertised in the 1960s in comic books and magazines, which really amounted to being nothing more than a rope to hang your clothes on for the sun to dry.

Yes, today’s wind farms are really producing the renewable electricity and moving us away from fossil fuel electricity. Not! What we have here is the biggest swindle ever perpetrated in the history of the world; a business with no outgoing product.

Environmentalists and those concerned with related issues are going to have to get their priorities straight about what is really important in their quest for a cleaner world. They need to refocus their interest, which is to monitor the real dangerous offenders. Their purpose should be to only allow those projects that have as little human influence as possible on the natural beauty of the land, and endangered species.

All of the environmental efforts ever made in both the past and present of wanting to protect natural beauty and endangered species become hollow, meaningless calls. It clearly is the biggest detriment to our environment so far, in the world’s history of ‘Environmental Offenders’ and it is allowed to continue without any intervention.